Examples of How AnewCare Works

Meet Linda.

She’s 70 years old, and suffers from several chronic conditions, including arthritis, diabetes and heart disease. She has a family that loves her, but they live far away and she doesn’t want to be a burden on them.

Her main doctor is Dr. Smith, who she has been seeing for several years now. She trusts his opinion and sees him regularly. But she also sees several other doctors for her conditions, including a cardiologist, a nutritionist, an urologist and a rheumatologist. She has several prescriptions that she must juggle, along with multiple appointments. Linda occasionally worries that she’ll miss an appointment or mix up her pills, and she often isn’t sure who to call if she has questions.

Fortunately, Dr. Smith is a member of AnewCare, so he’s able to assign a care coordinator to Linda. Linda’s care coordinator helps her arrange appointments, organize her medications and ensures that she gets connected to the right people if she has any questions. In addition, Linda’s care coordinator regularly checks up on her to make sure that she’s well, reminding Linda if she forgets to schedule an office visit and advising her with her continued care.

Meet Dr. White.

He’s Linda’s cardiologist. As a member of AnewCare, Dr. White has ready access to Linda’s medical history, including her other conditions, treatments taken and the specialists that she regularly visits. After visiting him for a minor heart ailment, Dr. White was about to prescribe a common drug; however, he noticed on her chart that she also took a potentially conflicting medication for her arthritis. He contacted Dr. Smith and her rheumatologist, discussing possible alternatives and the best course of action that Linda could take. Armed with this information, Dr. White was able to prescribe a safe drug for Linda’s heart, avoiding a potentially deadly complication in the process.